Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Behaving properly in class?!!

For the first time in my life, I got caught for not behaving properly in class! You see, I had to submit this assignment (which was due yesterday) urgently to the HR lecturer in the afternoon and was busy writing during the Law class. For this express purpose, I had strategically selected a seat in the room- not too much in the back, yet not too near to the prof, somewhere where the oblivion of the crowd would conceal me well. But fate had decreed otherwise :( Today's class was afterall a presentation by some of the students or so I thought! But the result of my eagerness to get more marks in internals in HR has resulted in negative internal marks in Law!

When I think about the gall of the professor.....Yeeeeeee.......I see red! My God! I accept that was not an action suitable for a MBA student and yes I accept I need to pay attention to my classmates presenting but, but do I really deserve negative marks? I mean no marks would be so much more better. At the end, I had no other option other than to go and ask the prof to give me Zero and not below! What a laugh!

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