Wednesday, January 28, 2004

An argumentative person

My mid-term exams have gone for a huge toss! Guess why? My parents had come down for a visit and poof... there went my eagerness to be the topper of the class. From the day I heard that they were planning for a trip down to Bang, my excitement knew no bounds. I mean, how much can a phone or letter compensate for talking directly to your dear ones? uh? So, there I was, all pepped up and ready to receive them. But as it happened, unlike in the movies, as often happens in real life, there was no "I am extraordinarily happy now that I have seen you" running towards my mom and pop. No jumping up and down with joy either. In fact, I was not even aware that my parents had arrived until after five minutes when I heard their much familiar voices in the living room. I was playing Set (a game played with makeshift cards by creative children ;) ) and was at the point of winning against three other under ten kids when my aunt came rushing in.

And in a sing-song voice proceeded to shout "enna, amma appa vandadu kuda theriyama inga irruka?" ("What? you are not even aware of your parents arrival is it?" or something like that!) So of course, there were loads of relatives buzzing in the living room that day and we didn't get even a single moment alone till my parents were ready to leave. And as fate would have it, it gave me a foul temper and matching mouth yesterday- I was left staring at their departing auto seething with anger at myself for being such an argumentative person!

Naturally I cant sleep now! My conscious is going crazy knocking my head! So a trip to good old Chennai is soon imminent!

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