Friday, January 30, 2004

I had been missing a LOT of things!

This morning, while I was floating in an ether world of exams and summers, content to sadistiscally drown myself in the misery of missing my friends at home, cribbing about the dull life in Bangalore and wishing life could bring some happiness, I was suddenly and forcibly brought down to Earth. The first catalyst was "Business Law", the most toughest paper to crack this term, what with trying to remember all sections and sub sections. But strangely enough, I came out of the exam hall, all smiles and twinkle. The next being of course that exams are getting over soon and an even stranger anticipation of things to come! And this is what felt like a club on the head. As if someone was shouting "Look around!" And look I did and to my consternation realised that I had been missing a LOT of things!

"How can someone live in the campus and still be unaware of whats happening around?" you ask? well....It was not so much as not aware of it but more of not being aware of what it is! Ya! UnMaad 2004, the all-India inter-collegiate festival organized by IIMB in January every year is all set to unfold today. Fortunately, my uncle has consented to get me a pass for the Euphoria Indian Nite tonight! The fest also promises a hoard of events from collage to personality contests and the final 'Crescendo' will be by the band Parikrama on Feb 1. Let me see if can get some of the guys here to go along and participate with me.......

PS: oh ya! do have a look at the story by "Team Dhakkan - The Lid" of XIMB, the winners of the Tale Spin UnMaad Online contest. Its absolutely mind blowing :))

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