Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bringing back the artist

I have always been fascinated by colors and as a kid, I wanted to become an 'artist' more than anything else in the world. But time, better artists, indiscipline, lack of encouragement and sheer laziness coupled with impatience made me forget my ambition and move on to other loftier goals. Maybe an Air Hostess or Agriculturalist or Interior Decorator or maybe a Vet or even a Writer and a whole lot of other things (But I never ever remember me wanting to become an engineer or doctor, neither of which am, thank god! :))

But my fascination for colors never left me - I painted weird 'modern art' with bad patterns and running paints (hmm, maybe I shouldn't critize my younger self's attempt so much uh? They were pretty ok actually!) and put them on walls all over my house. But due to my constant need for change in decor, I tore them all down in under six months and forgot about that phase. Then I turned to excelling in my Biology drawing :) I even did a few Engineering drawing for two of my lazy friends! And then dabooooommmm..... I found the passion of my life - clothes!
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Thats right, clothes! I discovered how colorful clothes can be. Gone were the days when my parents used to select red gold zari bordered frocks for deepavali for me! Welcome to Naidu Hall and mom's credit card :) I had great fun (and still do) with shopping and am a favorite companion for all my friends (no exaggeration this one) to take along on shopping expeditions. But when things went too far and I made my mom receive huge bills, and more recently, made myself receive huge bills, I had to make myself stop (okay take breather more like!)

After many hours of soul searching and suspecting & dreading terminal diseases and incurable shopping mania, I finally found (just now :)) ) that my passion for shopping and clothes are born out of that long fascination with colors. I simply love colors. Colours. (my fiance would be greatly joyed to know this, you know!)

So I have decided to become an artist after all! It's not too late, right?

Please welcome VJ, budding artist with her own (eccentric, dumb, stupid, untasteful, whatever...) ideas of art :) I can't wait!

I have taken my first lesson in Wet Canvas - Watercolor Batik. I found it very very interesting. Shall soon try this!

Here are some nice things you can try out with colors online-
The HP color wheel
The color wheel pro

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