Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hug a Tree!

While researching for group games for my workplace, I came across this interesting game - Hug a Tree.

The game goes like this-

1. Start on a track in a pleasant forested area.
2. This activity works well as a break during a hike.
3. The purpose is to get people engaged in non-visual, intimate encounter with trees, as well as the terrain.
4. The activity also works well as a trust-building activity.
5. In pairs, one is blindfolded. The blindfolded person is to be the tree-hugger.
6. The tree-hugger is lead through the trees and then placed next to a special tree.
7. The tree-hugger touches the tree and tries to memorize its size, shape, location, texture, etc.
8. The tree-hugger person is lead back to the starting point, takes his/her blindfold off and tries to locate his/her tree.
9. Swap. Usually participants like to have a couple of turns at being blindfolded and trying to find a tree.

I really really like this one :) So, the next time we go trekking, am sure to try this out!

Related notes:

Did you know there is a group called Tree-huggers in Orkut?

Did you know you can actually watch plants grow? That's right - with Crescograph, you can! This instrument was invented by the famous scientist, Jagadis Bose. To know more, get hold of The Secret Life of Plants

And do you believe trees can feel what you are thinking, pass on a little of their energy to you, share your happiness.... I do! A small exercise that may help you realise this.

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