Monday, April 21, 2003

My site has got indexed!!!

Am so happy- My site has got indexed by Google, MSN, DMOZ and a whole lot of other search engines! Wow! Good news indeed!! I discovered this quite accidentally today when I was checking out my website traffic statistics and came across this visitor who had come to my site after searching for Women Chennai friends! Can't believe I turned up for such keywords... seems like I am looking out for more friends... No, not true! Don’t believe it!! :) (This is because of my article on having women friends by the way!) Hahaha...I would much rather prefer to make friends in the offline world! I have also been getting some new visitors to my site (thanks to my self-advertising mail to all my friends!!) before which I had only one dedicated visitor- none other than beloved friend luxmi !! Now what’s left is for you guys to do a search on any major search engine for me and visit my website and shower me with compliments! Am waiting guys!

Once again- don't forget my pathetic attempt at adding some user interaction- the "Comments" or the "Sign My Guestbook" feature!

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