Wednesday, April 2, 2003

The Anonymous Call

The call came at exactly 8:55 PM. The ringing of the phone seemed really loud not so much because of the instrument but rather because of the deadly quietness around. First ring.... trriiing….. Second rind.... trriiing…… Third Ring.... trriiing………The inert figure with its head elevated by a cushion on the floor had no choice but to run and pick up the phone. Why run, you ask? Well, you would too, if your phone had been dead quite from the morning and rings suddenly at 8:55 PM.

I wonder how some people still exist without a phone at home these days?

"Hello!" Silence

"Helllloooo" Silence

"Hellllllllllllllllooooooo??!!##??" Irritating silence -but a very curious one.

Suddenly noises in the background begin to register. Two female voices conversing to each other or to someone else who is being silent.

"Aunty, have you....Did you..... Kalpana, Vaishu......Ask them....!!!"

But still silence from the caller. I switched off my cordless hoping the call would get cut. 20 seconds and am not able to resist.... switching it on again....


Silence, background noises continue...


Silence...."$@#%"... "Miss Vaijayanthi?" finally a whisper from the other side.

The voice is male and seems very familiar- of a deep timbre, a baritone that sounds real sexy.......

"Hello" Silence again...

Knock, Knock... Someone is at my door!! Shit just when it was getting interesting! I switched off the cordless again and let my mom in. The smile simply refused to leave my lips. I had guessed who it was or rather decided who I want it to be and welll…. Am in seventh heaven! Smile :) Smile :) "What are you smiling about? Who was it on the phone?"- my mom. I can't hear anything except for the echo of the same voice/voices over the phone.

Smmmmmmmmmmmileeeeeeee :) I guess Love can do this to you!!! :)

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