Sunday, April 6, 2003

Fast Forward in Time

Date: June 22, 2003
Place: Bangalore

It’s been exactly 20 days since college started. I remember that first day when I still had doubts about whether I have made the right choice. I guess I will always be like this in my life no matter how trivial the decisions are- always wondering if I had ignored a better destiny but then yes, I do believe whatever choices you make are the right ones- That’s sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? Well…… that’s what I learnt in the last few days - that HR can be contradictory!! Anyway I wish I had my Chennai friends here with me especially Lakshmi, Priyamvatha and Preethy. They would have really bolstered my confidence and man would we be having fun or what?!!

My life in Bangalore?? Where do I start? With the weather- yes, its real nice… cool ....pleasant and much more but I miss the Madras Summer- the days when I used to sit under the ceiling fan going full blast and sweat like a pig…..the days when we used to play cards in my terrace and try to sneak in and steal some mangoes from the neighbor’s tree!! Lakshmi was the most enthusiastic when it came to that :) !!! I wonder what Sriram is doing these days…. Sure his love affair is going strong but no communication from his side. I got a call from Lakshmi yesterday – it was really great -not her voice ( I mean that too) but the whole thing- hearing about her new job, about her parents attempt at getting her married and her attempt at rejecting each candidate cos he has a long nose (Lakshmi is rather particular about noses- I guess its got something to do with her perfect nose- a little titled upwards at the end- you know, like the petite heroines in the M&Bs.) or maybe he is not tall enough….. I’ve got to say one thing here… I will always take pride in rejecting her first prospect… Hahaha .. it feels real good!!!

Priyamvatha is going full blast… she has, for the first time in her life, got 4-5 guys calling her home each day (result of the time she spent at Indian Express impressing everyone, no doubt!!) and I hear she has come to the rather obvious conclusion that its not as great as she thought to have guy friends!!

Speaking of guy friends, Mr. Maddy is not to be seen these days.. I did get a call from his side just before I left Chennai but that’s that……. I am comforting myself with the fact that it takes time to catch the big fishes of the ocean!

I have made a new guy friend ….actually many… but one of them is really groovy…..all tall, handsome……. and DARK- just I like them….. but he’s got a girlfriend!! Shit! The others are ok too but…. :)

Well I’ve got to go now… don’t have much money with me…..I do miss my earning days !!!

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