Wednesday, April 23, 2003

When things do not happen, make them happen

"When things do not happen, make them happen"- I was quite surprised to hear someone say this to me. Usually it is me who thinks along these lines and I do make sure my life is full at all times. But it seems as if nothing is happening and nothing is destined to happen either!!! I can not really balme it on the exams though I do miss them! I have a out of city trip coming right up in a couple of days and am not even a pinch excited about it! I'm in a void and nothing seems to distrub it!! And to imagine am going to sit at home the whole month of May, to say at the least it's very frightening :( Its not like I dont have things to do... I have got plenty but.......... Thinking about this and other similar phases like this in my life in the past, a picture of myself has slowly materialised in my mind. I am an addict- addicted to going out all the time! Can't bear to stay at home- can't endure life without having atleast two stimulating conversations with someone I like a day........ Wow even my writing has started reflecting the dullness prevalent in my life--- I have done something that will change all these though or atleast I hope it will... it is what I usually do when I get totally frustrated with myself- I got rid of it all!!!

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