Monday, June 9, 2003

Looking back

I was supposed to post this by Saturday but didn't agree!!

07 Saturday, 2003

I am finally here!! Wow... I am going to blog again!! I was wondering if I will ever get an opportunity to put my thoughts into words!!! Fyi, you r finally reading the blog of a going-to-be Human Resource professional (I dont like the word- manager- its too... hmm... well.. common for my liking!! ;) ) Yes- I have finally realised what I want to do in life and have also paid the price (am talking about the fees I have paid to enroll in the MBA HRM program) So to come back or rather to go ahead with more......

It will be exactly one week tommorow since I have shifted to the city of Bangalore. My life is going to revolve around this city atleast for the next three years- am going to miss Chennai so much!! As far as I have seen, Bangalore is just another city!! Its got only what Chennai has got too- except for the beach which is a big negative point against it as far as I am concerned- those early morning walks with Lakshmi that I used to take- wow we had a great time!! And the weather is great!! Believe it or not the day I came from Chennai to Ban, I had this big area of sun rashes all over my shoulders and neck- (each day that I went out in Chennai was agony and if I started to sweat which is inevitable in Chennai, well.. no need to ask!) and was having a tough time and what happens- it almost disappears the very next day!! and it was raining in Ban!! It was like a climate shock for me- from the very hot land of Chennai to the cold or rather cool lands of Ban!!!

The first day of my post graduate college was okay- I had got this very nice dark blue sleeveless dress and was wearing it and I thought I looked pretty good in it 'if I may say so at the cost of not sounding modest' (that was the exact words of Finance prof Gopal !!) and what do I find? No one absolutely no one is looking at me!!! Oh my god!!! Ok so everyone is busy submitting their registration form I understand but guys I have dressed up. Admittedly am no femme fatale but still.... one comfort was this nice smiling guy who looked exactly like the boy we used to "sight" in Chennai!! I was very happy but I havent been able to bond with him over the last few days but not for want of effort (I mean just smiling- am not exactly what u would call an aggressive female!) The first class was Financial Accounting and I found it very interesting ( I am going to become a big investor one of these days- so I am happy with learning it though I am having problems with the rules of debit and credit.) The rest of the classes were pretty ok!! I was called upon to give a presentation for three minutes on the very first day on anything under the sun and what do u think I did- I talked about blogging ofcourse!! hahahaha and I didnt miss the opportunity to let the mostly unexperienced fellows sitting before me know that I already have some work ex as a reporter and web researcher!! had many looking at me with respect in their eyes afterwards atleast the guys!! hehehe!!!

The rest as they say is history- the days are slowly merging into one another- a pattern is evolving- am fixing a daily schedule!!! Once I settle in, I shall embark on the path of becoming an opportunist!

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