Monday, June 23, 2003

The Labours of Friendship

I just heard my friend lux has got a job with Allsec in Chennai and that she has decided to settle down in the great city of Chennai itself!! And there goes our plan to set up a house in Bangalore with just the two of us! At this point, when everything has become clear for both of us (me doing two years of MBA and dear lux starting her career), I would love to go on a writing tour of our relationship. Because it almost seems like the end of the most beautiful phase in our relationship - not the end of the relationship itself... but..... being realistic, I dont think I will ever have such a ... well words are difying me ..... relationship in my life again!! To sum up a long story that altered destiny into a short one....... here is the story of Lakshmi and Vaij (thats how I prefer to call her and thats how she prefers to call me)

It all began in the summer of 1996 when the two girls were put in the same class by the school authorities.... the second girl (which is me) started noticing the first and was much impressed. So at the end of that school year, she took pains to write and post a 'how are you' vacation letter to the first girl (that is Lakshmi) who incidentally stays just in the next street. Everyone in the first girl's house including the subject herself was now impressed with this young writer who has taken the initiative to establish a friendship and even to this day, yours truly gets praised often on that note. When the school reopened, though the second girl was too egoistic to admit that she wanted a relationship outside her family, somehow managed to sit dierctly behind the second.......the plant then bore some leaves, then some buds, then some flowers and then some fruits...... Our association was one of destiny- to this day both of us realise it and feel thankful.... We share the same birthday (I was born two hours behind Ms. Lux who was in too much of a hurry to see the world to wait for me! - and she is supposed to be the more stubborn and the least impulsive of the both of us!!!) and we even share a name too!!! To continue, our friendship got stronger and stronger over college and now it has come to that stage where both of us have reaped full benefits of this tasty fruit!! the time has come to part atleast in the physical world.......and here we are separated by the impulses of time and a distance of 250 K M.

It was so much fun and so much learning- I can not do any justice even if I try to write for hours together on this..... the only thing I can say is Thanks Lakshmi and Thank you God!!

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