Wednesday, June 18, 2003

A dull blog? no?

We have a quiz on the stock market today at 6:30 !! Five of the participating team gets to participate in a district/national level quiz that would be conducted by Indian Express. I have decided to take my chance though I do not know the ABCD of the stock market. I believe luck would always favour me- sort of a guardian angel that is always around me giving me strength and happiness!! :) And since we are supposed to participate only as a team of 2, I had a hard time finding a partner. I finally found one just when I was becoming desperate and decided to give up!! Hope we win!!! After all, for the past one hour I have been very sincere in researching online on what the stock market is all about!!!!

I guess, my site has slowly started to resemble the dull blog!! God! Make something extra ordinarily interesting (good kind of interesting) happen in life so that I can blog about it ; ) (This is my new way of asking things from God- you know giving my blog as an excuse hahaha!!!)

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