Tuesday, August 26, 2003

The exams are around the corner

How did I realise this just now? Well ......because the hysteria and panic has already set in...in the form of emotional outbursts from one high strung lady in my class....I just wish my brain realises this fast enough!

It just seems like yesterday that I joined MBA and my first term is coming to an end already! So many anxieties, so many wishes, so many dreams, so many apprehensions.....the list will go on. When I made the decision to pursue higher studies, especially a masters in business administration in human resources, I didn't have many supporters.... no one believed MBA, that too in HR would help me much! Neither did I....It was just a means of getting back to college life ....But it has been one beautiful journey in the last few months......I loved it.

Have made connections with some wonderful people.... going to miss them really when my next term starts with a new set of classmates!!

PS:By the way I replaced my previous post with 'error publishing' because it indeed was! I was made to understand it was too private when one of the close friends of the topic under discussion blurted it out before the flame of my light!! Sorry Master......Cant let you see it.........

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