Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Having a crush!

"You have lost one or two screws!" was a comment given by one of my of classmates to me today!

And it is true ... atleast at times- all this because I have started the 'fall in love, get out' process all over again in my life! OK.. not love but my new crush has entered my life and let me tell you its utterly magnificently horrible. My hormones are going havoc and I have no way to control it.

I feel euphoric one moment and ridiculously miserable the next! I see him, talk to him- the sky is brighter, the world is wonderful, I am happy, My life is full...... and I dont see him? Well......everything becomes dulll.....boring... and what not?!!!

Oh my god, Why is this happening to me? Is there no immunity against this? I am so afraid that I will do something really stupid like ...like .....settle down!

God Please Save Me!

PS: There is a great chance that the subject of this topic will get to see this post and I dont even care! Am I pathetic or what?

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