Thursday, August 21, 2003

A chance

Today is going to be one of those best days I think! Right in the morning, one of my most boring classes got cancelled and on top of that what do I find when I open my mail box? Well... needless to say it must have been something that made me extremely happy!

As a future HR manager, I know that it is very important for employees to feel apprecaited and recieve praise from their managers often. I have also experienced this when I was a working as a Web Researcher with String Information Services. The term "Job Satisfaction" gets a whole new meaning when you really like the people you work with and look up to them. Fortunately, String was one such place where I could get all these and more- I did so many things that I had thought I could never do in my life -taking responsibility, finishing something much ahead of time, finding something difficult to find........the list could go on.

However much you read about those great entrepreneurs or about talented driven individuals, the impact would be far more when you get an opportunity to interact with these people face to face. Consciously or unconsciously, some of their attitude will rub off on you and you find you are a much better and informed person at the end of it. Well, I got this chance and would be forvever thankful to those that made this possible.

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