Saturday, August 23, 2003

Quantitative methods

Today, I was exclusively selected for receiving 'motivational advice' in my Quantitative methods class! The first question of the day was also asked to me and subsequently the professor decided that I needed extra coaching and off it went.........questions and more unanswerable questions- I looked like a complete fool sitting there wearing an expression of mixed embarrasment (obviously beacuse everyone knew the answer to those questions except me!) and earnestness!(obviuosly because I wanted to pretend that I knew them too only that I cant remember it right at that moment!) When one of classmates tried to rescue me by answering the question herself, she was told in no strict terms to keep quite and that the question was addressed to me for a specific reason- in the prof's words "I need her to start thinking analytically........"!! Hehehehe as if he can do that!!!!

There is a reason why I am not excellent in Maths and that is not because I am not intelligent.......I just had this startling cataclysmic thought this morning- the reason I am not able to digest this so called beautiful subject is because I simply can not understand what I am not able to visualize! And I absolutely wont agree with anyone who says otherwise...........

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