Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I came across this blog post on the case of missing pets and the inability to unite them back with their family. The first thing that came to my mind immediately after reading it is this. I know this contrasting exercise is stupid and what's more this reminds me of my own youthful self back in college - who cared more about animals and who was very vocal about her views of the importance given to animal rights versus human rights.

Now more than five years later I seem to have made a transition to favoring the other side of the argument. Maybe it's because am a parent now. Or maybe it is because of the slowly penetrating cynicism. No, let's call it maturity of thought (You know...like...."how stupid can humans get? Thinking they can put animals on leash and hold them forever from their true nature, freedom, etc"... or should it be "What loneliness can do to humans?). Or maybe it is a sign of spiritual advancement (ya, right!). Or maybe it is simply because I stay in this side of the world. Whatever. It just seems so strange how priorities and people are so different across continents. No wonder the NRIs hate coming back.

On another note, tagging pets show that you care what will happen to them if they go missing. But a different take on that makes me wonder why humans want to have pets at all. My saucy sister-in-law will probably quip "these pets will be abandoned or without homes otherwise". Now, tell me isn't this like the Hen and Egg story? You want pets, so you breed or rear more and more of them...and then you are constantly looking to find a home for the surplus population... and so on and so forth. Why on earth did man domesticize animals in the first place? Duh, his stupidity is so confounding!

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