Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Pleasure of Pain

When I looked in to your eyes the first time
The time my soul kissed yours and melted in your embrace
No bells rang in my ears, no fireworks exploded
I felt only the violent shivers race up and down deep in my gut

When you held my hand the first time
There was absolutely no attraction physical or mental
Only recognition , the recognition of myself in you
The part that I was searching and missing and aching for

When I listened to the beat of your heart the first time
I found all that I hoped for and everything I dreaded
How will I convince you that you are me and I'm you
That we cannot be without each other

When I dived deep into your soul
I saw no love,no like, only the yearning
The yearning you have concealed from the world and yourself
I could see it, my dearest for I feel the same

When we danced to the tune of love
My mouth couldn't pick up the words
Only my eyes understood and my heart
That you are my mate without whom I shall cease toexist anymore

Come,my love, you need have no fear
I demand no worldly commitments from you
Only the promise to dance with me to the song of togetherness
That our souls have understood a long time ago

I give you the freedom to fly away and fade from my vision
You can have all that you desire and enjoy the earthly pleasures
But promise me that you will return one day
To carry me away to heaven or hell as you choose

For I shall be waiting,waiting,waiting and waiting....

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