Sunday, March 22, 2009


After Writing classes, my interests are now veering towards Terracota and Pottery. In particular, Terracota jewelery design and making. But sadly, I have not been able to find anyone in Bangalore who offers these classes. I haven't given up though - am still searching.

Meanwhile, here's an artisan at work with his pottery - pics I took at a recent visit to Janapada Loka in the outskirts of Bangalore on the way to Mysore. Supposedly, this old man gets Rs.12 per pottery piece he carves and paints and he will be able to make five such pieces every day- effectively getting an income of Rs.60 per day. Looking at the item he was working on, I figured it could easily sell for Rs.150 at an exhibition in Bangalore. But the amount that he gets in the supply chain is a mere pittance. Sad state, indeed.

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