Saturday, July 12, 2003


At this juncture in my life- I would like to make note of all the important things that has affected my life so far and that includes some of the most wonderful people on this earth!

Here is my very own type of ode to all of them

Great people in my life- Lakshmi, Priyamvatha, Sowmya, Preethy

Dear people in my life- Mom, Pop, Grandpa

People to whom I would give my life- My niece, Sister and my nephew

People I respect- My bro-in-law, Tanya, Kaneez

People I am indebted to- Lakshmi's parents, Karthik Karunakaran, Prashant Kothari

People I thought I knew- Prasanaa, Madhavan

People I care enough to mention- Sriram, Hema, Sangeetha, Meera, Sumathi, Sathya, Jayasree, Saumya, Radha, Veena, Kanaka

New people in my life- list to come.....

Most unforgettable incidents- The birth of my niece and nephew, The Beach, NIIT life, High school period and College life!!

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