Thursday, July 24, 2003

Manager: Know Thyself

Here is a really nice article I came across in the HR forum-

Manager: Know Thyself

The best managers use their unique talents to get the most out of their employees

Who was your best boss ever?

Maybe it was that manager who cared about your development. Or maybe it was someone who inspired you with her vision. Perhaps it was that hardworking, tenacious drill sergeant type who pushed you to your limits. Whatever you remember, you’re likely to describe that manager in terms of his or her talents -- those recurring patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior that can be productively applied. Managers who use their greatest talents leave an indelible impression on their organizations and the people who have the privilege of working for them.

So, what talents would the perfect manager have? Would she have exceptional Individualization -- the uncanny ability to see the unique qualities of each person? Would she possess great Woo -- the instinctive capacity to win others over? Or would she be a take-charge person whose Command talents naturally cause people to defer to her the moment she enters a room?

According to Gallup, the best managers may be particularly talented in all of these themes -- or in none of them. The fact is, there is no perfect manager and no ideal set of “management talents.” The best managers succeed because they have an acute awareness of their own talents, they understand how to use those talents intentionally to motivate and develop their direct reports, and they maximize others’ performance by helping them identify their greatest talents and turn them into strengths.

Acute awareness- The road to becoming an effective manager starts with an awareness of one’s own talents.


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