Thursday, July 3, 2003


Hey here is something wonderful I just read. HR Professionals generally have a tough time categorising people into different personality types after being with a candidate for just a few minutes. But there are lots of creative juices flowing in the HR field and here is a list of different character types based on candidate behaviour-

Butterfly - a candidate with a colourful work history, who changes organizations every 6 months.

Chewing gum - this type clings tightly to the current assignment despite having good offers from other companies. More out of nervousness than loyalty.

Border problem - one who announces he is leaving for a better offer, but instead of leaving, tries to get a better deal in the current company.

Tourist - asks about holidays, Saturday's work timings, travel allowance etc more than job description and growth.

Radar operator - is always looking for something better, no matter how good things are within the current Organization.

Morph artist - this kind of candidate can have his/her resume itself change quite unrecognizably, the next time s/he approaches you.

Godfather - negotiates a salary package so hard that the HR person is nearly willing to part with a fraction of his/her own salary.

Ghost - joins the new company but disappears in two days, because that even better offer clicked.

Secret agent - hates to give information about himself. May have missing fingernails from being made to talk at earlier interviews.

Phone book - name dropper, knows everybody in the phone book, unfortunately none of them know him.

Rescheduler - will call before the interview and reschedule to buy more time. Excuses he gives include rescheduling funerals and weddings just to see you.

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