Saturday, July 26, 2003

I was greatly disappointed today!

I was talking to my friend yesterday and came to know that the UN conducts the"National Competitive Recruitment examination" for entry level jobs (P2) and that positions for Human Resource Management have been advertised this year. So I got very excited and went to check the UN website immediately. Though there were vacancies for HR work in New York and other cities around the world and is open to anyone, I was not eligible for the simple fact that India was not among the nationalities that are participating in the NCRE 2004. I could not believe my eyes when I did not find India's name in the list- searched and serached again! Alas! I did not qualify to apply this year and was asked to check back next year!

This is because the UN is mandated by the various resolutions of the UN General Assembly to increase the number of professional staff from countries that are not represented or are not adequately represented in the UN Secretariat. Therefore, the programme is open to these priority member states of which India is not one!! Guess too many people from India are already working with the UN!!!

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