Friday, July 25, 2003

From a Frog to......

Each day I can feel myself growing different as a person (not just in my width though that too to my ever increasing worry!) When I came across this pharse "We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves" while preparing the internal newsletter for my office, it just struck me as really true. Maybe because I could identify with it. Reflecting back, I can say I do not much like the person that I was when I was young. I was not the kid that talked and talked .... and I was definetly not the kid everyone adored but I was everything a parent would never want in thier wonderful child- Quiet, Silent, Dreamy, Shy and lets not forget Average- average in everything!!! I still remember the first prize I got - for a drawing competition. It was such a surprise to my parents, more so to me. No one in my school thought that I deserved attention and when I got the prize, I could see no one was willing to believe it- that too when their favorites managed to defy attention! This happened in my 4th standard and that was the day my destiny was set I think. I continued to be a quiet person till I finished my 10 standard- my friend still refers to me as "the quiet little poet!" when she refers to those times!!

My 11 and 12th class was my formative years- I was famous or rather notorious for being a rebel in my class- I was the girl who gave a leave letter stating that she had overslept and hence absent the previous day! The teacher could not believe her eyes!! I was the girl who came to tests without studying and still managed to get decent marks!!

College life was wonderful- it made me what I am today but the transformation still continues- it will continue till I die I think.

Today I am rather proud of the person that I have become though there are lots of areas that I would like to work on. I have also learnt, especially over the past few days, that it is very important for a person to speak out to establish her identity. Do not wait for people to come and talk to you- but take the intiative- everyone is interseting- you just need to talk to them to find it out. And as my Marketing Prof told us- "marketing drives the world- from your personal life to professional". So I have decided to bring all that was dormant inside me so far to the surface!! Somehow though I am just not able to overcome my observing habits- its really annoying at times when I feel myself growing silent and start to take things inside me!!

I guess if I continue in this path of progress- I can easily become a good HR person as one classmate of mine put it! ;)

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