Thursday, July 31, 2003


The guys in my class went totally crazy today!! They asked or rather threw out all the girls out of the class for conducting a survey on who the best girl in class is- on whatever parameters they could come up with. All this because some of us girls talked about the most handsome guys in class! We had to stand out for 10 long minutes to know the results and what do we find upon entering the class? A table on the board with parameters (Cute, Censored 1, Censored 2, S/H and B/B) and names of some of the girls in different places - I, II, III and the guys looking like cheshire cats. Yours truly was awarded the II position in the censored 1 category and ofcourse was very excited!!

So I grilled all the guys as much as I can to know the real parameter of this category ("these were concealed/censored because the girls could get majorly hurt"- quote guys!) - but to no avail. The other categories were first revealed to us as cute, censored1, censored2, strong & healthy and beauty with brains. Was disappointed that I didnt make to the other three or atleast B/B but really thankful now! B/B was actually best bhakra for all times!!

And censored 1 was not really what I wanted it to be ;) - it is somethig like "most crankiest girl in the class" - this is ofcourse pure guess work by me based on the girl in position I but.......! Uh!! Guys are so stupid!!! They cant recognize a good thing when they see one!

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